Thinking of getting a meditation chair? Not sure if it’s right for you? This site is here to help! First of, why consider one?

These are designed to support the body and help you maintain proper posture as you meditate. Proper posture is key to good practice, but is also something that many beginners struggle to maintain. The difficulty is due to pains in the back and legs, which can be very distracting (not what we want while trying to meditate) and can put many beginners off.

"image of a large meditation chair"

The beautiful and highly sought after Gaiam meditation chair

Clearing your mind of such distractions is not easy. Well designed furniture can help by eliminating the pains, and many beginners in particular rate them very highly.

If you look up some sites, there are bold claims like:

“Discover how you can dramatically transform the quality of your meditating…”

But how do such claims hold up? Does having a portable meditation chair really help? Let’s have a look.


What are the benefits of meditation chairs?

There are lots of benefits to consider when thinking of getting yourself one of these. Some of the key benefits are listed below:


A meditation chair can help motivate you!

It’s important to emphasise one of the benefits listed above. This point comes up again and again in reviews. Having a chair for meditation, in its own peaceful little corner, will give some people the motivation they need to carry out their daily techniques. It’s there as a constant reminder for people to take time out, to sit and practice as they need. Beginners to the world of meditating, even though they are fully aware of the benefits of daily practice, often need little excuse not to sit for a while. No better reminder than an inviting space awaiting you in the corner!


Any downsides to using one?

A few of the cons may involve the following:


What to look for when buying

There is a wide range of chairs for meditation. Finding one that suits you will involve consideration of the following factors:

"image of the rattan meditation chair"

The beautiful rattan meditation chair from Gaiam. Click on image for latest prices.


Some Other Options

Apart from chairs, you may consider:

Note these pieces of furniture can also be great for general relaxation and for some yoga practice


Summary: Why might you consider these?

If you already know the huge benefits of daily meditating, but are struggling to sit for the required periods of time, then a specially designed furniture can be of great benefit. It can also be of great help to those who suffer with back problems or other physical issues that prohibit best practice.

If you fit this criteria, consider investing in a meditation chair and you’ll reap the benefits of longer and deeper sessions for years to come.

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