Meditation Stool – Can it Help With Meditating?

Meditation can be done in any comfortable position such a crossed leg, kneeling, lying, and using a cushion or a chair. Some people are more comfortable sitting on a chair or stool while meditating. It can be hard for beginners to sit for long periods without some form of support for their backs. The discomfort that results can then lead to distraction and thus affect the success of your sessions. Using support like a meditation stool can be great for beginners. It allows the body to be comfort and thus the mind to relax for the whole period while meditating. There is less potential for distractions due to changing of position when one feels uncomfortable. Let’s look at the advantages a bit more:


Benefits of Using a Meditation Stool

The traditional meditation stool can give comfort for a long meditation. It keeps our back straight so reducing strain. Proper posture is essential during meditating times. Poor positioning affects a person’s ability to focus and concentrate. The use of a support is very helpful for many. The traditional design like that in the image has been used by craftsmen for centuries. The hardwood makes this very long-lasting.

An image of a simple meditation stool

The right angle of the furniture should be considered. the angle is key to your having proper posture. The best stools are those that have rounded legs. A round-legged item can automatically adjust to the person’s weight and the right angle of the body size sitting on it. You can adjust the desired height by adding cushion into it. There are also available stools on the market that are adjustable for easy comfort and height. You can tilt it on any angle that you like for it has an adjustable feet front and back. For safety they contain a lock on the feet.

To summarize the benefits of using  meditation stools: They offer a cheap (in many circumstances) way to enhance the ability to focus and concentrate on meditating. How? By allowing you to sit in comfort for longer periods of time. Without physical discomfort your body can remain still, which allows you to focus on your mantra. Many beginners find that they can meditate for longer using a meditation stool or chair. A mediation stool promotes correct posture. It is intentionally made without a back to straighten the spine and back muscles. It will also help in preventing someone from falling asleep while meditating.

How To Sit on A Meditation Stool:


The best place to get he best deals on stools and chairs is online. Stools found on good sites are uniquely hand crafted and more affordable in many circumstances than in shops. You can save a lot of money from purchasing from sites with high quality and range of items. The only down fall is the period of delivery. You need to wait for the product to be delivered however; the time is worth waiting for a durable piece of furniture that can serve you for a long period of time.

See the available ranges here and read some reviews before buying your new meditation stool!

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